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i always find a way

to feel down

be jealous


i dont like it but i keep doing.. reminds me of apostle Paul

is this what you were talking about? 

wish i can be like some of them. chill, chill, happy butterflies 

i seem like 1, people may say but i am far from happy chill butterflies.

itsok i guess so cus i can feel you. na mean?

— 2 months ago
sovereign hand

please be my guide

— 3 months ago

…greatly loved,
understand the words that I speak to you, and

stand upright..

— 3 months ago
The Veggie Feels:

Doctor told me to have a lot of veggies because of the medicine I have to take.. Where do you get veggies? but me no like salad.. I went to Pergola to have Mongolian grill. might as well. to enjoy veggie dish I dread. Sos! I put Spinach, Asparagus, Bok Choy, Cauliflower, Rasta color Bell Peppers,  Portobello Mushrooms, & Mushroom that you see in Mushroom pizza into my mix along w/ 3 Shrimps & delicious Garlic Soy sauce. I only get veggies I can actually try to enjoy. I eat veggies so rarely that I had to google all those names I wrote. but wow,….as I was eating my lunch full of different Veggies…discovered they have such variety of flavors and smooth textures! Wheras MEAT is SOO delicious but not too many flavors. I love the way they cooked it for me! Can’t believe I ate a bowl full of Veggies and so happy. #weird. Weird werid.

— 3 months ago
until 7/17

& then 8/18- 9/11

then done.

— 4 months ago
i need to


save money &buy a car to drive myself and other ppl so i can be less hassle to other people and do things i have to do

— 4 months ago

I am so lazy

— 4 months ago

Means making something bad into something good”

— 4 months ago